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Founded in 2014, Bluuuuuue Film Media company not only provides top-class Film&TV screenwriting platforms, but also specializes in film production, artist agency and overseas business development. As a newly-established cultural enterprise, it has become one of the biggest screenwriting companies in China with more than two hundred signed on-the-job writers.

Since the establishment of the company, Bluuuuuue Film Media has produced more than a hundred customized screenplays for mainstream domestic films and television series. Customized screenplays covers a variety of categories, which includes romance, costume drama, suspense, and contemporary science. Five of the TV dramas produced by Bluuuuuue Film Media have over one billion hits on the domestic digital platforms. On the overseas video platforms such as Youtube, Bluuuuuue Film Media also has a dominant lead within female-oriented genres.

At present, Bluuuuuue Film Media independently developed the first screenwriter management system. Meanwhile, the company is in the preparation phase of building China’s largest eco-friendly film shooting studio in Tianjin. The cooperation with overseas film studios will be discussed in the near future.

Bluuuuuue Film Media has a large number of reserves in intellectual property, which includes more than ten top-tier IPs. In order to create high-caliber films and TV series, Bluuuuuue Film Media complies with the mainstream culture and is determined to become a distinctive, creative, world’s leading Chinese cultural enterprise with avant-guard ideologies.

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